Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Is Over

This is the last official day for our summer staff, Brandi and Megan. They have worked very hard on building maintenance and exhibit construction. As well they have cleaned and cleaned.
They survived the crazy Centennial weekend, met a lot of visitors and gave some tours.
They can look back on the summer work with pride. Well done, ladies!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Visitor Feedback

Our museum tries to encourage our visitors give us feedback on the museum, internet sites and the park. We've tried surveys but they don't work out that well because few people like to fill out forms of any kind. Also it means remembering to ask them to fill one out! It is so easy to forget. 
So when someone volunteers some feedback, it makes it much more special and real. The following message and link arrived by e-mail recently.
"We had the distinct pleasure of visiting your fine town, touring your museum and spending one night in your awesome campground. I mentioned our experience in my blog titled: "Largest Tomahawk in the World!" I hope you enjoy the story. 

I've let my family and friends know about you. We really enjoyed our stay.

Best wishes, Susan and Frank in Campbell River"

This made our day!  Guess we are doing something right.