Monday, June 28, 2010

Activity at the Museum

There has been so much going on at the museum.
Construction projects:
There are two new beautiful flagpoles in Elizabeth's garden. They proudly fly the Canada and Saskatchewan flag. Great work, Lloyd.
The office area is under construction, but will be finished by Canada Day. John has been hard at work at this project. What an improvement.
The Station Office and Gallivan School entrance has been painted by Marcy and Work Experience crew.
Offsite a group has been hard at work to make some items for our Sales Shop. Check them out on Canada Day.
Preparations for Canada Day - Marcy has worked hard to make the Carnival fresh and interesting.
We have had several tours from the local schools. Thanks to Walter for last minute guiding assistance.
New staff will have an orientation session today.
Park Maintenance:
With all the rain, the grass keeps Bob busy. Also Marcy has been using the trimmer to keep things tidy. As well, the town has been mowing the outer areas - well done everyone.

And there has been a wedding (or almost) in the park. The weather (and probably mosquitoes) caused them to move indoors, but photos were taken in the park later.

Rain Results

The campground is once again under water. It is most frustrating. The problem has existed since before I was involved with the museum. So difficult to market a place that can't be rented out if it rains.
This time we'll see if anything is done.
Apathy can choke enthusiasm.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Voice and Faces of 1885

Announcing our new exhibit for the 125th anniversary of the 1885 Resistance Events.
"A Voice and Faces of 1885" which showcases the audio interview that Clayton McLain made with Osecape who witnessed the Battle of Cut Knife Creek and the photographs that Clayton collected of participants in the 1885 events. These include: Fineday, Flying Eagle, Harry Atcheynum, Solomon Pritchard, Sam Swimmer and others.
Also are other photos that are in our collection of local First Nations people.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Next time I paint anywhere I am going to insist upon drop sheets. (You'd think I'd have learned this lesson by now!)
Noreen and I spent a whole day trying to get the paint off the new flooring at Ovenstown. It was the primer - they aren't kidding when they say it will adhere. Most is off and it looks great.
I picked up the countertop laminate today. Was happy that it could be rolled so it fit into my vehicle.
We are going to have a very nice office/reception area. Phew! Just in time for visitors.
Now if only some of the other buildings were visitor-ready too!
Much to do, so little time!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1885 Resistance- 125 Years Later

Looking forward to hearing Sask Historian, Bill Waiser, speak about the events of 1885 tomorrow nite at the Cut Knife Elks Theatre (7 pm). Hope to see you there.
This 125th anniversary of the 1885 events is being acknowledged throughout the western provinces. From Frog Lake , Frenchman Butte, and Fort Pitt to Fort Battleford, Duck Lake, Fish Creek, Batoche, Humboldt Telegraph, to Stony Mountain Peniteniary and others in between. Check out the Trails of 1885 website for more details.
The Year of the Metis is also being celebrated this year in Sask.
So many great things going on right here in Saskatchewan.
Closer to home, Poundmaker Historical Center will be the center of a re-enactment of the Battle of Cut Knife Creek on July 2nd.