Friday, July 18, 2008

What's New at Tomahawk Park?

  • We have new speedbumps on our road through the park. Now the vehicles have to slow down. It had been a concern for pedestrians before.
  • Our new walking path leads from the pond, past the museum buildings and to the Tomahawk. There will be park benches along the way and signage as well. This all took place because of the cooperation between the local Seniors and CMMM to attain a New Horizons Grant. G&C Asphalt Services Ltd. of North Battleford very promptly finished the paving after Stapley Trucking helped prepare the ground. G&C Asphalt Services were very generous in their support of this endeavor. Thank you so much! The paving had hardly time to cool off before people were using it!
  • The tree and shrub planter has been finished with new shrubs and a topping of bark mulch.
  • Trees have been trimmed. The large poplar behind Ovenstown and lower branches of others.
  • Power and water are trenched into the Duvall House and Ovenstown (water).
  • Power has been trenched to Pond area for new light post to light up the pond area (Wildlife Federation).
  • Upgrades to security system installed.
  • Maintenance volunteers have installed gates behind the buildings to limit vehicle traffic.
  • Volunteer mowers are keeping the grass in the park looking great! Employees do the trim work.
  • Volunteers are building shelving in the Armstrong building for storage/display.
Great work everyone!

Student Grants This Summer

We are so grateful for the student grants that we received from Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations and the Student Employment Experience Program. This is how we are able to provide employment for young people. These jobs are often their first job experience. We would never be able to accomplish as much at our museum and park without these energetic young adults.
Filling out grant applications is not a favorite job, but the museum benefits from a successful application. And the MGP Grant looms in the near future.... our very favorite one....not!