Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Students' First Day

It was a hot day today (30+ degrees Celsius) for the Summer Students' first day. Orientation and preparation for Canada Day tomorrow kept everyone busy and sweating!
The grounds look great - hope there are lots of people who take in the events tomorrow.
Pancake Breakfast, Bike Decorating Parade, Arcade, Dunk Tank, BBQLunch, Live entertainment, Beef on a Bun Supper, Miller Family Troupe, Dance on the Green, and Fireworks at dark!
What a great way to celebrate Canada's Birthday!

Duvall House Update

The interior of the Duvall House has been worked on in the past few weeks. The Master bedroom (the Legion), the Balcony bedroom (Gisele and Joan) and the southwest bedroom(the Weikle family) have been scraped, primed and painted. The CWL/Knights of Columbus have taken on the Living Room. Now the ex-bathroom, upstairs hall, entry, dining room and kitchen are all that remain to have sponsors to restore.

We are waiting on the rest of the windows to be metal clad and the siding put on. The water and power will be trenched to the house soon and a security system installed.
The Children's bedroom is now a bright sunny yellow and the Master bedroom is a heritage green color. Gisele and Joan are still trying to scrape the pink paint off of the Balcony room walls. Good luck ladies!!

Some artifacts have been chosen for the rooms when they are finished. Also the original kitchen cupboards have been located and may be re-installed.

(This update is for general knowledge, but is especially for Coreen in New Zealand!)

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Walking Path for the Park

On Thursday before the wind and rains began, the pavers
began putting in the walking path through the park. We'll give details in a later blog.
Already we've seen both children and adults taking a stroll on the partially finished path.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Motorcylists Scavenger Hunt Stop

Fifty-two motorcyclists stopped at our museum this morning as a part of their group's annual tour around western Canada. They each had a sheet of questions about our museum that they needed answered in order to complete this stop's part of their pre-planned scavenger hunt.
They were a fine group of adventureous people who are enjoying open prairie roads on their bikes.
They came from all different places - Alberta, Sask and even one lady from

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Photography Club Visits

The Battleford Photography Club visited the museum tonite. It takes a visit from a photography club to look at the park in a different way. These are a few of the results.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coalition of I885

On Saturday, June 7th, Noreen and Lucille travelled to Duck Lake Museum where an announcement was made regarding funding for tourism opportunities associated with the 125th Anniversary of the 1885 Resistance/Rebellion in 2010.
The event was begun with the toe tapping music of the musicians on the left and a clog dancer. (Sorry, I didn't write down their names.)
The announcement was made by the Honourable Christine Tell, Minister of Saskatchewan Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sports, Maurice Vellacott, MP for Saskatoon-Wanuskewin, and Ian McGilp, Industry Development Manager for Tourism Saskatchewan. Each party is contributing $75,000 toward the comprehensive marketing plan.
The Duck Lake Museum hosted the event and it was a fitting place to hold it as the first skirmish back in 1885 took place near by.
This is an opportunity for all the parks, museums, sites, and other associated groups to plan a celebration to mark the historic milestone and make a plan for tourism to the sites for the future.
CMMM has artifacts pertaining to the 1885 Rebellion.

Work Experience Help

The CKHS Work Experience group helped us with some painting in the cook house. They painted the inside of the sliding covers for the windows. Also they cleaned and washed throughout the museum. Thanks to everyone, Supervisors and students, for the work accomplished.
We appreciate these groups of young people who are willing to help CMMM do some of the work that needs to be done each year.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Repairs Finished on Exterior

Our maintenance crew completed the repairs to the exterior of Ovenstown this week and Sean, Student Team Leader, has primed the walls. Soon the damage from the fire will not be visible. Inside needs a little more work. The smoky smell has dissipated quite a bit and we are optimistic that soon it will be just a bad memory.
Increased security measures have been implemented to help protect the museum.
It is extremely disheartening to think that someone would want to set fire to such a valuable asset to our community.