Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thanks to another group of summer employees and our volunteers

Our fab trio has finished their work at the museum for the year. Thanks for all the hard work to Katlin, Sabrina and Robert. Good luck in your upcoming school year.
They toured visitors, painted, welded, hammered, cleaned, typed, laminated, mowed, catalogued, etc. A massive amount of work was accomplished.
We couldn't have hired without the support of Young Canada Works and Service Canada who provided grant monies for the employees' salaries.
Also thanks to our dedicated volunteers. Especially I want to thank the other people who supervised during the summer. Many hands really does make the workload lighter.
And to Lloyd How who made new ramps and steps at the museum this summer. His efforts, understanding and knowledge helps keep CMMM on track. Thanks, Lloyd.
John Pedersen used his carpentry skills to create an area in Ovenstown that we will use to expand our sales shop. Thanks, John.
Bob Duncan looked after the mowing in the park. And doesn't it look great? Thanks, Bob.
Our financial needs are ably looked after by Lorie Paziuk. She can put up low e-film on windows like a pro too! Thanks, Lorie.
Marcy's work for Canada Day and after show her dedication to the museum. Thanks, Marcy!
Thanks to Walter Pooler who never fails to come and tour a group.
Hey, Noreen - you are awesome! I'd be spending the rest of the day typing all that you do for the museum.
And if I missed anyone this time, watch out because I'll probably mention you when I think of it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Walk the Walk Faithful

The Walk the Walk in Tomahawk Park wound up yesterday with Donna Neale being the star walker. She faithfully walked the path each day she could since July 2nd. I know she received donations for the Seniors Center as well. Way to go, Donna!
I am going to miss seeing the walkers in the park. Hopefully they will continue to use the path getting more fit and enjoying the scenery.
Don't know how my challenge with Elsie went. I am guessing that I might have to eat crow! :(

Hope the Seniors raised enough to buy their new furnace. I'm sure they would still take donations if you contacted Elsie.
P.S. Also thanks to Arlene Paziuk - I know she put a lot of miles on her runners and raised a bunch of money!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 Young Friends of the Museum

The 2009 version of our Young Friends of the Museum has begun. This year we are talking about many cultures that make up our community, early structures, and early tools.
We have a full house of enthusiastic young people. More reports later.

Holmes Reunion

Tomahawk Park was filled with the Holmes family last weekend. About 95 people who are descendants of John W. Holmes spent the long weekend reminiscing, visiting the original farmsite north of Cut Knife, and making new family connections. They were a great group to have in the park.