Thursday, May 28, 2009

Museums of Saskatchewan Annual Meeting

The author spent the Wednesday and Thursday in Saskatoon at the MAS AGM. I enjoy meeting and talking to museum people (I wonder why?) We may have a few things in common.
The speakers at the mini-conference were very interesting. I was especially interested in the info from Heather Dunn of CHIN about internet options for museums with little or no cost. (Note the added RSS Feed option on our blog now.) You can set up a feed of the info from our museum pages to be sent automatically every time there is an update. I haven't figured out how to link Facebook yet, but I'm working on it.
Heather helped the Morse Museum set up their internet sites. The link is As well Heather Wilson from the Morse Museum spoke at the Conference.
Cudos as well to the AGM Committee and the Staff at MAS for the hard work in preparing and executing the two days of activities.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Walter Bonaise with NAIT Filming Crew

First Nation Cree Elder, Walter Bonaise, visited
the museum today with a film crew from NAIT
in Edmonton. They are filming Walter telling stories from the past. The Bonaise Family archival materials and museum artifacts will help to illustrate some of the stories. These videos will aid the NAIT instructors to relate to the growing numbers of aboriginal students at their campus.

As well Walter told the story of the tomahawk in the First Nations culture and the significance it has as a symbol in the World's Largest Tomahawk in Tomahawk Park.

Friday, May 22, 2009

CKHS Work Experience Help

This week Marcy, with the help of high school work experience students, prepared for and cleaned up after the Museum's Garage Sale. As well, they cleaned up around the park, prepared a picnic table site, helped secure artifacts in an exhibit, mowed the grass, and moved archival materials.
This morning another group came and cleaned up trash in the park, moved gravel to the picnic table site, and stacked lumber.
Thanks everyone for their hard work! These high school students were a great help to us. Thanks as well to the teachers for supervising.
Every age group contributes to our park and museum so all can benefit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Work

Marcy is working with High School work experience students cleaning, painting and doing odd jobs at the museum.
As well she and Noreen are preparing for the annual Garage Sale on Saturday.
Don't forget to come and find some bargains as well as support the museum.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Art and History Collaboration with High School

Walter, Orval and Lucille spent Tuesday afternoon at the CKHS presenting stories about selected artifacts to grades 7 to 12. The students took notes about the stories that they heard and will write about what they learned. These stories will be presented to the museum to enhance our displays.

Today local artists will spend the afternoon making a presentation to the students. On Friday, students will go to the Poundmaker Interpretive Center to see the area where the 1885 Battle (or Resistance) of Cut Knife Creek took place.

This interchange of ideas is the beginning of a great partnership between the high school and the museum, local artists and historians.