Sunday, October 2, 2011

Culture Day, "Christmas in October"

Our Culture Day on Saturday, Oct 1st was a great success.
Christmas is one time of the year when there is a focus on family and culture. Whether one is Christian or not, or from an aboriginal or immigrant background, the season brings a feeling of good will.
Religious holidays, food, music, dress, and ceremonies create a rich link to other parts of the world. We wanted to celebrate Cut Knife's founding cultures through the magic of Christmas.
Thanks to Roger and Colin Emberley for their wonderful ethnic music , the Ukranian culture presenters (Mary Ramsay, Jean Carlton, Bill Rak, and Ethel Rak), the Italian presenter (Emily Hardy), the Norwegian presenter (Catherine Hewson), and the French presenters (Joan Veikle and Gisele Brackenbury).
The atmosphere in the Duvall House was truly full of the Christmas spirit. Visitors enjoyed sampling wonderful ethnic dishes, listening to soothing Christmas music, and seeing the displays of museum Christmas artifacts. And no one missed the snow.
Now what cultures should we highlight next year?

Our thanks to Sask Culture for their support of our Culture Day.