Thursday, July 12, 2007

Young Friends of the Museum

From July 30 to August 3, the museum will be hosting a program for young people, aged 6 to 12, from 1pm to 4pm daily.
Monday, July 30 - Museum tour for young people, old fashioned games, bread-making.
Tuesday, July 31 - Use of Horses in the early residents lives. Will have a live team of horses on site.
Wed, Aug 1 - Pond Ecology Day - a study of the pond - what lives there, and how we can keep it healthy.
Thurs, Aug 2 - 1885 Rebellion as it relates to Battle of Cut Knife Creek. Visit the Poundmaker Interpretive Center.
Friday, August 3 - Role Playing - Story of the Battle of Cut Knife Creek.Parents invited for performance.

Only 4 spaces left. Phone Lucille 398-2619.

Machinery Display Improvements

A group of volunteer improved our implement display by placing heavy plastic and then a layer of crushed rock to form a base that will keep the machinery up off of the damp ground and make grounds maintenance much easier.
In the middle of the project, a determined mother duck sat on her nest oblivious to the noisy activity around her. She should soon be moving her new family to the nearby pond and then the machinery display area can be completed. You can't really see her in this photo, but she is there protecting her nest.