Sunday, March 21, 2010

Learning About Standards

Board members and course instructors at yesterday's Standards for Boards Course by the Museums Association of Saskatchewan. A good mix of new and old board members attended and studied the Standards Manual and how to use it. Thanks Gwen and Crystal for your expertise and sharing of knowledge.
Having the Trade Fair in town allowed us a chance to break at noon for a good meal and a glimpse of what the vendors had to offer.
Also thanks to the Good Shepherd Church in Cut Knife for the use of their overhead projector for the day.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

MAS Standards for Boards Course

Saturday will find us at the MAC with Gwen and Crystal presenting the MAS Standards Course. Although we have had that Standards Book available for years, it is always good to review and fill in the missing information. Sure hope the old and new Board Members see the benefits that giving up a Saturday will bring. Being better informed should make for an even better Board experience and hopefully, improved museum.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting was held last night. Not a bad turn out, but one always hopes for more to attend.
The process of evaluating what was accomplished in the previous year is a good thing to do. It is makes one realize that the museum is going forward, improving in small steps, and increasing visitation numbers. One needs to ignore that long list of what needs to be done, at least for one night.
We said goodbye to two Board Members who have served out their terms.
Rena Weikle, who was our capable Secretary, provided a knowledgeable and level-headed presence. We appreciate all that she brought, especially her quick-witted humor!
Sandra Favel Rewerts' help when we constructed our Repatriation Policy was invaluable. Sandra's ability to see the whole picture in a situation will be missed.
Sandra and Rena, you are both welcome at the museum board table at any time.
We are lucky to have two very capable new members to take their positions. We look forward to the new perspectives that Cathy Hewson and Janice Duvall will bring.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I learned...

Home and weary. Brain overload. But still looking forward to implementing some of what I have learned.
That Fish Philosophy works. I tried it out twice this week.
Have Fun, Engage your customer, Be there, and Choose your attitude.
I was tired at the Exhibit Design course and feeling more than a little sorry for myself. My mind was not on what it should have been. Then I made a conscious decision to have fun, to pay attention, and to be positive. Other people didn't have a problem, I did. And I fixed it.
What a difference it made to my day. Hopefully others enjoyed being around me more.
By the way, I learned quite a bit about Exhibit Design too. Great course.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Courses, of course

A week of learning for me. Beginning with a three day Tourism Saskatchewan course on Tourism Training in Saskatoon and ending with MAS Exhibit Design course in Lloydminster. My poor hubby has to batch!
The week started out a little shaky as I was sick. Managed to still attend with the aid of Tylenol. Don't know how much I learned. Will have to review the notes! Excellent course. It is also great to network with other types of tourism within Sask, such as: Mainstay Inn at the Palliser Regional Park on Diefenbaker Lake, Duck Lake Regional Intepretive Center, Petrofka Bridge Orchard at Waldeim, SK, Honeywood Heritage Nursery of Parkside, SK, and Elk Ridge Resort.

As usual these courses make me realize that there is much to learn and do.
It is exciting to envision what could be...
With plans to make it happen.