Friday, August 20, 2010

The Last Week Mad Dash

Every year I have a burst of energy in the last week that the museum is open.
The visitor traffic is down and my 'to do' list is still far too long. So I spend a lot of time at the museum trying to make the season a little more productive. At least for my list.
In the big picture we have accomplished a lot again this summer.
New wheelchair ramps and the Duvall House exhibits completed and the main floor usable.
New flagpoles and fixed roof on Raymond's Store.
And I almost forgot the new office and Sales area. How could I forget - it's great! (Needs a little electrical work tho - hint, hint, Glenn!)
The 1885 Photo Exhibit looks good - at least in my eyes.
The Armstrong Building has been cleaned up a bit and there is a great new work bench.
The outdoor exhibit signage is up and awaiting the info to be put in them. (I have it 1/2 done!)
The Railway Display is progressing well - should have most of the signage up tomorrow.
Mitchell has constructed new intro signage stands and Tori and Rachel have painted them. I will do the signage for them this fall.
I even had time to do some organizing on the MAC computer. The files were so jumbled up - should be easier to find things. Or at least for me - sorry, Noreen, if I mixed things up for you.
Our printer at the MAC has been giving us grief - paper stuck, refusal to print more than one page at a time, incompatibility with Vista. I almost took the hammer to it, but it has too much ink left to use in it.
Next week I promise I will stay home more - no more dashing!

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