Saturday, July 11, 2009


Arrived back home after a few days of travelling through our great province.
There is so much to do and see in Saskatchewan. I had a difficult time deciding which direction to go and what to see and do.

We left home in a rainstorm, but drove into a beautiful sunny day at Herschel where we toured through Ancient Echoes. What an interesting and beautiful spot.

The next day Gravelbourg was one of our stops. The Cathedral there is awe inspiring. We also enjoyed the museum and the Paris lunch spot.

Then on to Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site near Avonlea. What a lot of work has gone into the restoration of this old brick making factory. Most impressive. Great saskatoon and rhubarb crisp is served in the lunch area.

An overnight stop at the "Perfect Place" Bed and Breakfast in Central Butte shows what great accommodations can result from a little planning and hard work. The little museum in Central Butte opened up just for us.

After travelling through Elbow we ended up at Manitou Beach and the Serenic View Bed and Breakfast. The charming heritage building has been transformed into a relaxing B&B overlooking the lake. Good conversations, good food, and a most relaxing stay.

The wind was very strong while we were there and the waves whipped up the salty water into foam that was blowing off the water and across the road. It looked like snow!

We also had a stop at the Humboldt Museum which filled in some more of the 1885 story. The history of the Telegraph Station there was important to the 1885 events.

For an interesting 'Stay'cation in our area, start in Battleford and visit Fort Battleford, and the Fred Light Museum, travel west on Highway 40 to Cut Knife and visit the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum, then just a few miles north to the Poundmaker Interpretive Center. This would fill at least one day of sites and museums with 1885 related stories.
There are many other places in the area: Allan Sapp Gallery, Western Development Museum, museums at Wilkie, Unity, Maidstone and Neilburg to name a few. Stay in province, save some fuel, and learn a bit more about this great province of ours.

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