Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day

The beautiful summer day was filled with people who came to celebrate the birthday of our great country. The morning began with the Mayor's pancake breakfast followed by costume judging, a parade through town, and firemen's lunch. At noon following the singing of O Canada, children launched balloons (the biodegradable kind) into the clear blue sky.

The afternoon had an arcade for children, museum tours, and a fish race. (The fish were a little uncooperative!) There was an art show in the church, a show and shine for antique vehicles, and bingo. The Royal Purple supper was a hit. The evening's entertainment began with old time music, fiddling, and then a group of First Nations dancers from Little Pine came to entertain the audience. The evening was topped off with fireworks.

In planning these events, there is always the worry that the weather won`t cooperate. We had perfect weather. There is the concern that people won`t come. We had a great crowd for all events. Did we plan entertaining events for people to enjoy? The day was filled with fun, good food, and memorable entertainment. Thanks to all who came, volunteered, participated, and entertained.

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