Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Walk Through

The CMMM Board had their annual spring walk through the museum, noting what needs to be done and prioritizing the work. I've learned that patience is necessary in waiting for the list to be done. Not that I have any patience, but that it is necessary.
Some improvements have remained on the list for quite a few years. Other emergencies have pushed them down on the list. Or they just get overlooked again and again.
Optimistic Note: Many jobs have been completed and it is easy to forget this when dealing with our old buildings when the list seems to keep growing.
This year the Ovenstown building with its recurring moisture issues caused by the basement has come to the top of the list and stayed. A suggestion was made to move the building off the basement and re-locate it to another space in the park on a cement slab.Very expensive solution.
Other solutions are being discussed as well. Lots of thinking needs to go into this.

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