Thursday, May 12, 2011

Old Can Be Challenging

Preserving the past is expensive and time consuming.

Our museum buildings on site are almost entirely heritage buildings. Not declared heritage buildings which means the province recognizes them as such and a new set of rules and regulations are put in place as to how they are preserved. This process has been a deterrent for us for many years. The upside is that we may be eligible for grant monies for upkeep and/or expertise in dealing with the special problems that go along with heritage sites.
We should probably re-visit this path and see if our buildings are eligible and if it would benefit our museum. Anyone have some time to volunteer for this undertaking??? I don't seem to be able to fit in everything I am already committed to doing and the hardworking volunteers by my side are the same. Sigh...

Ovenstown - 1908
Duvall House - 1928
Gallivan School -1919
Raymond Store - 1916
Carruthers United Church - 1926
Bert Martin Cabin - 1920's
Louis Pascoe House (Medical Building) 1905
CPR Station 1912

It is difficult to preserve and exhibit the artifacts when the buildings housing them require so much attention.
Guess our plight is common to all museums with old buildings and for some museums with newer buildings as well.
Tourism and heritage impacts more than just the visitors. Local retail facilities, real estate, and quality of life are all impacted.
Changing the old ways of thinking about museums can be challenging too. But that's for another blog.

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