Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Now that we are just sitting around twiddling our thumbs...

"Since the museum is now closed, what are you doing?"
There is actually more work done after the museum is closed for the season.
  • All the paperwork for payroll needs to be done. Final cheques made out, ROE forms, and final grant info filled out and sent away. Fingers crossed that everything meets with their approval.
  • Each month bills have to be paid. Our Treasurer never has a slow time.
  • Mice have invaded our space and the trap line needs constant vigilance. :(
  • Eavestroughing is being installed on Duvall House. This is being done by a commercial company but still requires some supervision to ensure it is done as needed.
  • Cat tails (yes, cat tail plants) have been removed from Ovenstown eavestroughing. ??? They were growing about 2 feet tall when someone noticed them.
  • Items need to be transported over to our heated office. Lots of items. May take a few more trips.
  • Codes need to be changed on buildings. We have keyless entries on quite a few of our buildings and the Staff codes are changed every year.
  • We are offering booked tours now. These are still being requested so tour guides need to be arranged. This can be a challenge as harvesting has begun in our area.
  • Vulnerable items need covering for the winter (textile exhibits for example). But this has to wait for the last tour to go through.
  • At the last moment before freeze up, the sump pump in Ovenstown needs to be pulled out so it doesn't freeze as well.
  • Planning for exhibit changes begins now. Some signage improvements still are needed. Very time consuming project.
  • The archival materials are in disarray in the MAC. Lots of work is needed to organize them. 
  • The Collections Management program needs hours of work updating the records.
  • Sales stock needs to be evaluated and plans made for 2011. 
  • Fund raising is always on our minds. Does anyone have any new ideas to make lots of money with minimal effort?? lol
I am sure there are more tasks that are sitting there ready for our volunteers to do. We just haven't noticed them yet.
Yup, we are really enjoying the 'off season'.

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