Thursday, September 23, 2010

Country Corner Store

 Wilbert Store is one of those places that one doesn't find very often any more. It is located at the corner of Highways 40 and 21 west of the town of Cut Knife.
The store was built in 1935 at the present location. It is a general store selling a bit of everything. Convenience store items, ice cream, gas, fireworks, a few antiques, subs and a coffee corner keep the customers coming through the door.

With living quarters attached and extensive operating hours, it has a lifestyle that not everyone could manage.
Over the years a lot of different people have stopped at the store, often with their own interesting stories to tell.
It's one of those places that one would miss if it was gone.

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Wilbert neighbour said...

Update to this blog: The Wilbert Store was closed down in 2011 as the owner had a double lung transplant. To date she has been unable to find a purchaser.