Saturday, August 14, 2010

Duvall House Grand Opening

 We had a week of cleaning, moving, arranging, cleaning again, re-arranging, changing my mind, and re-arranging again. (Yes, Tori, the old bat is losing it!) But last night made it all worth while.
The Grand Opening of the Duvall House, 1928 farmhouse, was a wonderful success. After the ribbon cutting at the front door by Jean Duvall Parkinson and Janice Duvall (both had lived in the house), Noreen welcomed everyone and made a few short remarks. There are so many people to thank in the journey of restoring the house from volunteers to donors that we decided to be very general and not mention names in fear of leaving someone out.
Of course there are a few that just have to be mentioned. Like Randy Brackenbury and Lorne Veikle - they instigated the whole project and did so much work to fix up the building.
Glenn Stewart spent the last day and a half getting the electricity to all parts of the house so we could light it up and show how magnificent it is. 
Some people who will not be named stained and varnished the floors upstairs and quite a bit of the woodwork pretty much by herself. And she wields a mean paint brush on cupboards too!
Refreshments were served and many little remembrances of the house were heard in conversations. If only they would have agreed to write them down.
There were about 75 people attending which was pretty much a full house.

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