Thursday, July 29, 2010

Metal, Paper, Grass and Paint

Our summer staff always has a variety of tasks.
This year we hired two boys who are working with Lloyd. They are manufacturing metal wheelchair ramps.
One by one our museum buildings are becoming wheelchair accessible. No grants - it was too much trouble to attempt the application in which we may not be successful. Instead we have a dedicated volunteer who has researched and designed the ramps, found reasonably priced sturdy material and taught two young men how to weld. And they have produced very good ramps. 
The abundant rain has filled the campground and made the weeds and grass grow. It is a challenge to keep it tidy. Glad to have Bob back to help out with the mowing.
The girls are busy cleaning, making signage, painting and moving items to the Duvall house. The countdown is on to the grand opening on August 13th. Today we moved a cupboard and hutch that has resided in my mother-in-law's shop for several years where it awaited its new home in the Duvall House kitchen.

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