Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Courses, of course

A week of learning for me. Beginning with a three day Tourism Saskatchewan course on Tourism Training in Saskatoon and ending with MAS Exhibit Design course in Lloydminster. My poor hubby has to batch!
The week started out a little shaky as I was sick. Managed to still attend with the aid of Tylenol. Don't know how much I learned. Will have to review the notes! Excellent course. It is also great to network with other types of tourism within Sask, such as: Mainstay Inn at the Palliser Regional Park on Diefenbaker Lake, Duck Lake Regional Intepretive Center, Petrofka Bridge Orchard at Waldeim, SK, Honeywood Heritage Nursery of Parkside, SK, and Elk Ridge Resort.

As usual these courses make me realize that there is much to learn and do.
It is exciting to envision what could be...
With plans to make it happen.

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