Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting was held last night. Not a bad turn out, but one always hopes for more to attend.
The process of evaluating what was accomplished in the previous year is a good thing to do. It is makes one realize that the museum is going forward, improving in small steps, and increasing visitation numbers. One needs to ignore that long list of what needs to be done, at least for one night.
We said goodbye to two Board Members who have served out their terms.
Rena Weikle, who was our capable Secretary, provided a knowledgeable and level-headed presence. We appreciate all that she brought, especially her quick-witted humor!
Sandra Favel Rewerts' help when we constructed our Repatriation Policy was invaluable. Sandra's ability to see the whole picture in a situation will be missed.
Sandra and Rena, you are both welcome at the museum board table at any time.
We are lucky to have two very capable new members to take their positions. We look forward to the new perspectives that Cathy Hewson and Janice Duvall will bring.

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