Monday, August 24, 2009

Walk the Walk Faithful

The Walk the Walk in Tomahawk Park wound up yesterday with Donna Neale being the star walker. She faithfully walked the path each day she could since July 2nd. I know she received donations for the Seniors Center as well. Way to go, Donna!
I am going to miss seeing the walkers in the park. Hopefully they will continue to use the path getting more fit and enjoying the scenery.
Don't know how my challenge with Elsie went. I am guessing that I might have to eat crow! :(

Hope the Seniors raised enough to buy their new furnace. I'm sure they would still take donations if you contacted Elsie.
P.S. Also thanks to Arlene Paziuk - I know she put a lot of miles on her runners and raised a bunch of money!

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