Monday, June 30, 2008

Duvall House Update

The interior of the Duvall House has been worked on in the past few weeks. The Master bedroom (the Legion), the Balcony bedroom (Gisele and Joan) and the southwest bedroom(the Weikle family) have been scraped, primed and painted. The CWL/Knights of Columbus have taken on the Living Room. Now the ex-bathroom, upstairs hall, entry, dining room and kitchen are all that remain to have sponsors to restore.

We are waiting on the rest of the windows to be metal clad and the siding put on. The water and power will be trenched to the house soon and a security system installed.
The Children's bedroom is now a bright sunny yellow and the Master bedroom is a heritage green color. Gisele and Joan are still trying to scrape the pink paint off of the Balcony room walls. Good luck ladies!!

Some artifacts have been chosen for the rooms when they are finished. Also the original kitchen cupboards have been located and may be re-installed.

(This update is for general knowledge, but is especially for Coreen in New Zealand!)

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