Saturday, May 31, 2008

We Are So Lucky!

Sometime during the night of May 29th, a fire started in a garbage can at the northeast corner of our Ovenstown building. A resident who lives across the pond to the east happened to be up and notice flames in the park. She phoned 911 and the prompt Cut Knife Volunteer Fire Department came and put out the blaze averting a terrible catastrophe. Although there was some smoke inside the building, none of the artifacts were damaged.
If the fire had been able to get really started in the building, the whole museum could have gone up in flames.
A gigantic hug and thanks goes out to Natalie (your late night headache saved our precious museum) and to the prompt CK fire department(you guys are awesome!).
This building is 100 years old this year - it very nearly missed it's birthday!
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