Monday, December 10, 2007

Sad Iron Tales; Issue 1

Someone had to tell it…

Some years ago, a couple was having heated words in their kitchen. The wife had a volatile temper and something that her husband said made her snap. She looked around for something to throw. You guessed it. A sad iron was sitting innocently on the top of the stove just within reach. Her hand fit around the iron and it was flung out the kitchen window. (At least she didn’t aim it at the source of her vexation.)

After a lively discussion about her action, the husband went outside and showed that his temper was just as hot because the iron made its way back into their house through another window.

It is not known how the dispute was settled, but the trusty sad iron found a new use that day – instant air conditioner.

This story was related to me without names and places attached and perhaps that is the way it should stay. But it would be interesting to know whether the house and the marriage weathered the storm.

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