Thursday, September 13, 2007

Premier Visits Museum in Cut Knife

This morning we were pleased to welcome Lorne Calvert, Premier of Saskatchewan, to our museum. He came to see the restored Tomahawk and view a few of our displays. He listened to Lucille's blatant promotion of small town museums, the proposed 1885 Coalition, and Saskatchewan Tourism.

Also there was "Mr. Cut Knife", Roger Emberley, who has been promoting our town and museum since he moved here from Newfoundland several years ago. Present were Cut Knife Mayor, Germaine Vany, interested citizens, and other CMMM Board Members.

It is not every day we can say we hosted a Premier!

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Anonymous said...

It is no surprise to see Premier Calvert in rural Saskatchewan and to see him at a rural Saskatchewan museum as well. Museums across the whole world play a pivotal role in community development. It is through museums that we have the opportunity to hone our critical thinking skills. It is through museums that we take our opinions and thoughts and express them in a democratic visual dialogue. Museums should never be thought of as being shrines of the past or anything that stays the same. Museums are places that generate fresh ideas and revitalize our spirits. As we see more people returning to rural Saskatchewan for reasons of well-being and quality of life, we see the museum footprints changing to reflect this new cultural heritage. As each generation passes the torch, there is a new reflective vision on both our past and our future. Old notions are chanllenged in order to lay the groundwork for future insights. Congratulations CMMM for creating an exhibit that is so very relevant to your particular community. And congratulations for bringing it to the world's attention. The cultural heritage of Saskatchewan, in all of its diversity, is indeed something to be big visioned about.